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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I order?

Using the product pages you can select the items that you’d like and click the ‘Add To Basket’ button. For detailed information on how to make your payment please view our How To Order page.


How long will delivery take?

Delivery times vary between each product. When viewing the product pages the estimated delivery time is present on the top left of the page, just underneath the prices.


I’ve got a picture but I’m no good with computers, can you help?

Yes, we are happy to help. Simply email us your picture and a rough idea of how you want the product to look and we’ll do the rest!


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards online as well as PayPal payments. If you’d like to make a bank transfer or send a cheque then please email us all of the details of your order and we’ll get you the information that you require.


Do you ship worldwide?

We do ship our products all over the world, however at the moment our online shop is only set up for UK orders. For an overseas shipping quote please send us detailed order details and the location you’d like us to post to.


Can you check my artwork before I place an order?

Yes, we’d be glad to. Simply email your artwork over to us at and we’ll let you know if it’s suitable.





What size are your badges?

Our badges are approximately 25mm (1 inch) in diameter.


What colours do neon badges come in?

Our neon badges come in a mixture of 5 colours, pink, green, orange, red and yellow.


How many designs can I have on my badges?

You can have up to 5 designs on your custom badges. If you require more then we can do this at £1 extra for each additional design.





Can I use full colour PVC guitar picks to play with?

Although full colour PVC picks are primarily designed as a promotional or gift item, they can be used to play guitar - We would highly recommend thinking about full colour celluloid picks instead though.


What gauges are guitar picks available in?

Celluloid picks come in Thin (0.46mm), Medium (0.71mm) and Heavy (0.96mmm). Extra Heavy (1.20mm) is also available in plain black only. PVC picks are available only in Medium (0.71mm).


How many designs can I have on my guitar picks?

Only 1 set of artwork is included in our prices. If you require more please email us for a quote. Full colour PVC picks can sometimes be split between designs by prior arrangement.


Can I buy a single celluloid pick?

In theory we could sell single celluloid picks but the cost is only pence less than the pack of 5 available on our website. The reason for this is that a metal printing plate has to be made up for each design – It’s the production and set up of the printing plate that costs the bulk of the money on a small order.





How big should my artwork be?

Ideally your artwork should be actual print size at 300dpi at a minimum. If you’re not sure if your artwork is large enough simply email it to us for us to check.


What is classed as a 1 colour print?

White print on any colour t-shirts or a dark print on light colour t-shirts is classed as a 1 colour print.


Why is printing on dark shirts sometimes more expensive?
This is because when printing a colour other than white onto a dark shirt we have to print an ‘under base’ which sits below the intended ink colour. You can’t see it, but its there, making your top colour look bright, opaque & flat, just the way it should do. This extra screen obviously adds a little to the cost to the process.


How many colours does my design count as?

Simply email us your design along with an idea of how many t-shirts you require and we’ll let you know how many colours your design is as well as a quote.


Can you print hoodies?

We can indeed! You can add as many or as few hoodies as you like to any t-shirt order. Simply email us for a quote.





Can you print onto my existing drum head?
No, we will only print on and supply brand new drum heads.


How do I supply you with my artwork?
Email us a reasonably high resolution copy of the logo which you would like printed on the head. Most file formats are acceptable - jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, eps, plus the native formats of Photoshop (.psd) or Illustrator (.ai). If you are using a text only design which does not use a standard MS Windows font, it may be helpful to email us the font.


Can you cut me a mic hole?
Absolutely, in whatever position and to whatever size you require. If you require a Holz reinforcer ring installed we can do that too.


Can you print photographic images?
Our drum skin printing is so versatile we can produce almost anything! When you submit your artwork we'll let you know if there are any problems.


What effect does the print have on the sound of the head?
We print onto single-ply Remo Ambassador heads. When the print and protective layer is applied to the head the extra thickness makes the sound a little fuller, more like that of a double ply head.


How durable are custom heads?
Very! As the print is enclosed with in a tough protective film the head is extremely tough and hardwearing. Thanks to our digital printing process, there's no risk of peeling or fading, so provided you treat your head with reasonable care it should give solid service for many years!





I only want single sided flyers, will this be cheaper?

In most cases single sided flyers are cheaper – Email us with what size and quantity you require and we’ll let you know the price.


What weight paper do you use for your flyers and posters?

As standard we use 135gsm paper for flyers and posters. We are able to print on several other weighted papers – Email us for a quote.


How many designs can I have on my stickers, flyers or posters?

Our sticker, flyer and poster packages are for 1 design each (double sided items can have a different design each side). If design splits are possible then this option will be shown on the payment buttons.





How big should my artwork be?

Ideally your artwork should be actual print size at 300dpi. At minimum we require a 300dpi file at one quarter of the actual print size. If you’re not sure if your artwork is large enough simply email it to us for us to check.


What kind of material do you print on?

Our banners are printed on either 540gsm PVC.


What resolution do you print?

We print high resolution 1220dpi - basically photographic quality.


Do you offer a discount for 1 or 2 colour printing?

All our banners are printed in full colour CMYK, we cannot offer discount for single / two colours.


How long will they last - Are they weather proof?

The banners are weather proof and will last as long as they are cared for. We cannot guarantee banners from wind damage.

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